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Harula is a poet based in Totnes who regularly performs her work around Devon. She's a co-host of Word Stir and the current Exeter Slam Champion.


Original, transformative, and possessing of a unique emotional intelligence, Harula’s poetry wraps itself around you with the warmth of one of her mum’s brilliant handmade cardigans.

Harula's work is rooted in community. She curates 'Poem of the Week' in the window of Totnes Community Bookshop, was recently Poet in Residence for the Social Prescribing Network conference, & is the creator (& sole librarian) of The Postal Poetry Library.

"I think one of the most valuable things I would gain from this development opportunity would be being pushed into new writing territory... the chance to be stretched and be made to try new things, to risk failure and make mistakes"

twitter @harula_ladd

insta   @harulaladd



Run from her home in Totnes, the PPL is an initiative started by Harula to create a community of book-borrowers & lenders.

The library is stocked with 150 books and open to anyone to send and receive for free!

For more info on how it works & how you can get involved or get borrowing, visit the PPL Facebook page here or email

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