Xmas Special Exeter Phoenix Dec 2020


Featuring Craft-D, Kat Lyons, Just Some Guy & Salai Estatira with live music from The Exeter Railway Band. Photos by Jorbein Photography 


Exeter Phoenix Oct 2020

featuring Muneera Pilgrim & Matt Harvey with support from Harula Ladd, Roisin's Brother, Megan Baxter & Saili Katebe. Photos by Jorbein Photography


Secret Garden Gig Sept 2020

Liv Torc, Shagufta Iqbal & Pete the Temp. Photos by Jorbein Photography

Valentine(ish) Edition 2020

featuring headliner Roisin Crowly-Linton with support from Robert Garnham, Roisin's Brother, Obadiah & Alexandra Onofrei. Photos: Ben Bullman

Exeter Fringe Fest Aug 2019

with headliners Charice Bhardwaj & Jack Dean plus support from Tom Simmons & David Marsden and a load of our regular open-micers: James Turner, Peter Roe, Jack Lawrence and Alexandra Onofrei

Come As You Are Sept 2019

an LGBTQ+ edition featuring Kimwei Mccarthy, Rhys Slade-Jones, Dali Mthembu, Jaime Lock, Antonia Raines & Charice Bhardwaj. Photos: Ben Bullman